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The below list is not according to seniority.
Professor Dr. Mohammad Nurul AminProfessorDepartment of Bangla01819367253dr.nurulamin1956@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohibul AzizProfessorDepartment of Bangla01711426254mohibulaziz1@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Shireen AkhterProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Shafiul AzamProfessorDepartment of Bangla01783792000dalimbanglacu@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Taslima BegumProfessorDepartment of Bangla01716392116taslimashirin1@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammod Anwar SayedProfessorDepartment of Bangla01711908688anwarscu2000@yahoo.comView Profile
Dr. M. M. Rezaul IslamAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Bangla01711145872dr_rezaulislam@yahoo.comView Profile
Dr. Mohammad Shekh SadiAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Sharmin MustariAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Bangla01716847182mustarisust@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Mohammed Neyamat Ullah BhuiyanAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Bangla01749408071bhuiyanshipon328@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Makhon Chandra RoyAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Bangla01724288542mcroy.ju@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Prakash Das GuptaAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Bangla01911755745dasgupta.prakash08@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Shaila Binte HossainAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Bangla01816448283sbhossain007@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Lukman KabirAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Bangla01912310560lukman.kabir83@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Abu Bakar SiddiqueAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Bangla01795132323View Profile
Mr. Md. Ariful IslamAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Bangla01813073422sujonarifcu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Kaiser UddinLecturerDepartment of Bangla01812380451View Profile
Mr. Mohammad AliLecturerDepartment of Bangla01817240305malictg007@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Kakoli PoulLecturerDepartment of Bangla01554337810paulkakali2005@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Mr. Chowdhury Mohammad AliProfessorDepartment of English01819614810cmali1958@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Jahangir Bin SarwarProfessorDepartment of English4261/ Profile
Professor Mr. Mainul Hasan ChowdhuryProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Mr. Sukanta BhattacharjeeProfessorDepartment of English01819637491sukantabhat67@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Ms. Azmeri AraProfessorDepartment of EnglishView Profile
Professor Ms. Mah-e-nur Qudsi IslamProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Ms. Zareen ChowdhuryProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Ms. Durdana MatinProfessorDepartment of EnglishView Profile
Professor Mr. Sarwar MorshedProfessorDepartment of English01912207526sarwarmorshed@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Muhammad Rukan UddinAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Ms. Zakiyah TasnimAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Tuhin Shuvra SenAssociate ProfessorDepartment of English01717543676tuhinshuvra@yahoo.comView Profile
Ms. Rownak JahanAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Golam Hossain HabibAssistant ProfessorDepartment of English01711338917View Profile
Ms. Sifat-E-RabbaniAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Md. Maruf Ul AlamAssistant ProfessorDepartment of English01714402508marufcu@hotmail.comView Profile
Ms. Shanta Rani BiswasAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Emiretas Dr. Alamgir Muhammad SerajuddinProfessor EmiretasDepartment of History01712033857aserajuddin@gmail.comView Profile
Supernumerary Professor Dr. Emran HossainSupernumerary ProfessorDepartment of History01816896777emranctgu@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Ali ChowdhuryProfessorDepartment of History01712033857alihist_cu81@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Anwarul IslamProfessorDepartment of History01716783553anwarhist@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Mahbubul HoqueProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Mr. Bakul Chandra ChakmaProfessorDepartment of History01716008670bacchakma@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Md . Abdullah Al-MasumProfessorDepartment of History01718782466masumhis@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Zahidur RahmanProfessorDepartment of History01714047289zahidhistory@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Shamima HaiderProfessorDepartment of History01921182655shamimahistcu@yahoo.comView Profile
Dr. Nurul IslamProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Mr. Mohammad Jamalul Akbar ChowdhuryProfessorDepartment of History01717028589mohammadjamalulakbarc@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Showket Ara BegumProfessorDepartment of Historyroshnycu@yahoo.comView Profile
Dr. Salma Bint ShafiqAssociate ProfessorDepartment of History01755898213salma_ctgu@yahoo.comView Profile
Dr. Ananda Bikash ChakmaAssociate ProfessorDepartment of History01825382350abcjmiu@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Nazifa RashidAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Ms. Syeda Jannatul AsrarAssistant ProfessorDepartment of History01706912209asrar_history@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Rantu DasAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Ms. Kanij FatemaAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Ms. Farhana AzizAssistant ProfessorDepartment of History01723578017farhanahist35@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Debashish Kumar PramanikAssistant ProfessorDepartment of History01717853044debashishpramanik33@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Golam Quddus LoveluLecturerDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. Mozaffar Ahmed ChowdhuryProfessorDepartment of Philosophy01819837594mozaffarahmedcu@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. M. Shafiqul AlamProfessorDepartment of Philosophy01711843803drmshafiqul@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Nusrat Jahan KajalProfessorDepartment of Philosophy01717833870umonir18@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Iqbal Shahin KhanProfessorDepartment of Philosophy01712102014shahin_cu@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Abdul MannanProfessorDepartment of Philosophy01730914320mannan_philosophy@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Mr. F. M. Anayet HossainProfessorDepartment of Philosophy01716034690fmhossain77@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammad Mujammel HoqueAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Philosophy01928672405mozammel.philosophy@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Shasun NaharAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Philosophy01939334332mitul.philosophy@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Korban AliAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Akikul HaqueAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Philosophy01712860493akikulhaque@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Masum AhmedAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Philosophy01711284707mohmed5677@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Shirin AkterAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Mizanur RahmanAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Philosophy01919869537mizan85cu@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Zoshon Ara JolyAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Philosophy01710236236zoshonjoly@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Nasrin AkterLecturerDepartment of Philosophy01722476435nasrinakterphilcu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. AsaduzzamanLecturerDepartment of Philosophy01717712802jonyfrhalldu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Najemul AlamLecturerDepartment of Philosophy01822113474namurad90@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Roman MiahLecturerDepartment of Profile
Mr. Shah Julkar NineLecturerDepartment of Philosophy01911856429julkarnayeen05@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Golam Kibria BhuiyanProfessorIslamic History and Culture01726843145gkibriabhuiyan@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. M. Towhid Hossain ChowdhuryProfessorIslamic History and Culture01812847797thohidchyihcu@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. M. Sekander ChowdhuryProfessorIslamic History and Culture01819673104sekanchy@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Hasina AkhterProfessorIslamic History and Profile
Professor Dr. M. Bashir AhmedProfessorIslamic History and Culture01712101606bashircu1968@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Ms. Sabina Nargis LepeProfessorIslamic History and Culture01731493657snlepe@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Shakwat HossainProfessorIslamic History and Culture01818874157shakhawatcu98@yahoo.comView Profile
Dr. A. S. M. Borhan UddinAssociate ProfessorIslamic History and Culture01819903847asmborhancu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. M. Mir Saifuddin Khaled ChowdhuryAssociate ProfessorIslamic History and Profile
Mr. Mohiuddin AhmadAssistant ProfessorIslamic History and Culture01819373749mohi55cu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Shah AlamAssistant ProfessorIslamic History and Culture01712189877shah1alamdu@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Morshedul AlamAssistant ProfessorIslamic History and Culture01711261554md.morshedul83@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Sayed Md. Tauhidul IslamAssistant ProfessorIslamic History and Profile
Mr. Md. Ahsanul KabirAssistant ProfessorIslamic History and Profile
Mr. Abul BasharAssistant ProfessorIslamic History and Profile
Mr. S.A.M. Ziaul IslamAssistant ProfessorIslamic History and Profile
Ms. Sultana Sukannya BasharAssistant ProfessorIslamic History and Culture01721317508sukannya39ihc@yahoo.comView Profile
Ms. Munmun Nesa ChowdhuryAssistant ProfessorIslamic History and Culture01853100387munmunalin@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Roushan Ara AfrousAssistant ProfessorIslamic History and Culture01736238369rimanatore@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Mojammel Huq MilonAssistant ProfessorIslamic History and Culture01714788799mhmcu13@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Tasnuva RahmanAssistant ProfessorIslamic History and Culture01670081118tasnuva200923@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr.Rafiq AhmadProfessorDepartment of Arabic01811202036View Profile
Professor Dr. A. K. M. Abdul QuaderProfessorDepartment of Arabic01712233727dr.quadercu@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. A. S. M. Abdul Mannan ChowdhuryProfessorDepartment of Arabic01754636889amannan201@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Mr. Mohammad Ismail ChowdhuryProfessorDepartment of Arabic01712687769drismailcu72@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Mr. Muhammad YunusProfessorDepartment of Arabic01740175412dr.yunuscu62@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Mr. Mohammad Shajaat Ullah FaruqiProfessorDepartment of Arabic01819628121shjtfaruqi@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Mr. Mohammad Neyamat UllahProfessorDepartment of Arabic01815502088nayamatcu@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. S. M. Rafiqul AlamProfessorDepartment of Arabic01818397631dsmracu@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Mr. Mohammad Gias Uddin TalukderProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Mr. Mohammad Nurul IslamProfessorDepartment of Arabic01816027866dniacu@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Mr. Mohammad Farid UddinProfessorDepartment of Arabic01821024781drfaridcu@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr.A.M.Kazi Mohammad Harun ur RashidProfessorDepartment of Profile
Dr. Mohammad Nezam UddinAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Arabic01816109230View Profile
Dr. Mohammad Zafar UllahAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Arabic01715638683mzuacu@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Muhammad Noor HossainAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Arabic01822890043drhmnhcu@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Md. Amir HossainAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Dr. Mohammad SolaimanAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Arabic01818408772solaimancu06@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammad Shafi Ullah KutubiAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Arabic01818605051skutubi1981@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammad Osman MehediAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Arabic01816039585omehedicu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Muhammad Junaidul IslamAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Arabic01830021786junaidcu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Humayun KabirAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Arabic01815925727muftihumayun@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. A. F. M. Aminul HaqueProfessorDepartment of Islamic Studies01711979302aminhaque047@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Hafez Mohammad BadrudduzaProfessorDepartment of Islamic Studies01815602355drmbadrudduza@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Ahsan UllahProfessorDepartment of Islamic Studies01811200459wakip2014@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Ahmad AliProfessorDepartment of Islamic Studies01714408135drahmadiscu@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammd Enamol HoqueProfessorDepartment of Islamic Studies01879036734dr.enamulh@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Mohammad Elias SiddikiProfessorDepartment of Islamic Studies01818404159eliascu59@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. A. N. M. Abdul MaboodProfessorDepartment of Islamic Profile
Mr. Mohammad Mamtaz Uddin QaderiAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Islamic Profile
Mr. Mohammad Jasim Uddin BhuiyanAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Islamic Studies01823321320dr.jasimcu78@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Mohammad Nurul Amin NuryAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Islamic Studies01553322671drnurulaminnurycu@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Mohammad Enamul HoqueAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Islamic Studies01815369363drmehmzcu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammad Morshedul HoqueAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Islamic Studies01819179990morshedcu74@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammad NasimAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Islamic Studies01837679696nasimchittagong@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Muhammad Manzur RahmanAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Islamic Studies01711178648dr.manjurrahman@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammad Abul HossainAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Islamic Profile
Professor DR. Kuntal BaruaProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Ashim DasAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Dramatics01819864248fame_akd98@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Shamim HasanAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Ms. Shakila TasminAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Dramatics01818681259shakilatasmincu@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Fahmida Sultana TanjeeAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Dramatics01845195577fahmida.tanjee@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Farzana Afrin RupaAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Dramatics01916311088View Profile
Mr. Mamunul HaqueLecturerDepartment of Dramatics01553752263mamunulhaquecu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Subir MohajanLecturerDepartment of Dramatics01712032586subircu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Era AhmedLecturerDepartment of Dramatics09611222000eraahmed241@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Latifa YeasminLecturerDepartment of Profile
Mr. Md. Tanbir HasanLecturerDepartment of Dramatics01816066545tanbirmithuncu45@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Arafatul AlamLecturerDepartment of Profile
Mr. Monjurul AlamAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Modern Profile
Mr. Ibrahim HossainAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Modern Profile
Mr. Saiful Islam ChowdhuryAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Modern Languages01819395507saifulimlcu@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Mehrub RahmanAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Modern Profile
Ms. Aysha-Tuz- ZohoraAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Modern Languages01825034466ayshacu@yahoo.comView Profile
Dr. Farzana Yesmen ChowdhuryAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Modern Profile
Ms. Srabani MallikAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Modern Languages01717161451mallik.srabani@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Mehejabin MostsryAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Modern Profile
Ms. Jesi Daiji MarakLecturerDepartment of Institute of Modern Languages01827405657jesid.marak@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Bashabi BaruaLecturerDepartment of Institute of Modern Languages01819544277bashabi.barua@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Noor JahanLecturerDepartment of Institute of Modern Profile
Mr. Fareen RahmanLecturerDepartment of Institute of Modern Profile
Mr. Sohan MiaLecturerDepartment of Institute of Modern Profile
Professor Mr. Syed Saiful KabirProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Professor Mr. Md. Al MamunProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Arts01726036495dhali.almamoon58@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Mr. Jahed Ali ChowdhuryProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Arts01710861017yuvraj7ali@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Mr. Mohd. Jashim UddinProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Ms. Nasima AkhterAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Ms. Shaela SharminAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Mr. Pranab Mitra ChowdhuryAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Ms. Sufia BegumAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Arts01989702603View Profile
Mr. Uttam Kumar BaruaAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Ms. Taslima AkterAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Mr. Kazal Deb NathAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Arts01819636638View Profile
Mr. Sujit SarkarAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Arts01913778191sujitankon19@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Subrata DasAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Arts01819976835dassubratacu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammed Ruhul Karim RumiAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Arts01677205169print.rumee@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Atiqul IslamAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Mr. Nityananda GaineAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Mr. Asim Kumar RoyAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Arts01717419524ashim22@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Sharad DasAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Mr. Zihan KarimAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Arts01712882444zihankarim@yahoo.comView Profile
Ms. Haidari AndalousiaAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Ms. Sirajam MuniraAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Mr. Rasel Kanti DasLecturerDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Mr. Syed Md Shohrab JahanLecturerDepartment of Institute of Fine Arts01911112131smsohrabcu@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Fakhiha NizatiLecturerDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Mr. Mohammad Obaydul KabirLecturerDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Mr. Namirah FarjanahLecturerDepartment of Institute of Fine Arts01670030007View Profile
Mr. Hlubaishu ChowdhuriLecturerDepartment of Institute of Fine Profile
Mr. Sadatuddin Ahmed EmilLecturerDepartment of Institute of Fine Arts01716958521worksadat@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Umme TaniaLecturerDepartment of Institute of Fine Arts01723222317tania.shantiniketan@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Abul HasemProfessorDepartment of Persian Language & Literature01754643844cuhasem@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Md. Noor-e- AlamAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Persian Language & Profile
Mr. Abdul KarimAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Persian Language & Literature01768399932View Profile
Ms. Asma AkterAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Persian Language & Profile
Mr. Altaf HossainAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Persian Language & Literature01717999548altafcu87@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Jinabodhi BhikkhuProfessorDepartment of Pali01818095371jinabodhi@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Gyana RatnaProfessorDepartment of Pali01742524040gyana68@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Sudipta BaruaAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Shasanananda Barua RupanAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Arup BaruaAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Jagat Jouti BaruaAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. Supti Kana MajumderProfessorDepartment of Sanskrit01714319107dr.supticu@yahoo.comView Profile
Dr. Sipak Krishna Deb NathAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Sanskrit01819172811nathsipak@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Liton MitraAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Ms. Anindita DasAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Ms. Rita Rani DharAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Sanskrit01823146125ritadhar805@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Kushal Baran ChakrabortyAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Sanskrit01717308463kushalbaran154@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Rajpati DasAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Nilkanto BiswasLecturerDepartment of Profile
Ms. Pabitra Kumar HiraLecturerDepartment of Sanskrit01710441927pkhira27@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Himel KarmakarLecturerDepartment of Sanskrit01676851800vishnuguptakarmakara@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Rajib Ahmed FaisalLecturerDepartment of Profile
Ms. Marzia Khatan SmitaLecturerDepartment of Profile
Mr. Hasan Toufiq ImamLecturerDepartment of Profile
Ms. Tasnim MusharratLecturerDepartment of Profile
Ms. Sushmita DuttaLecturerDepartment of Profile
Ms. Jarin AktherLecturerDepartment of Profile
Mr. Robel AhmmedLecturerDepartment of Profile
Mr. Somenjit ChakrabortyLecturerDepartment of Profile
Mr. Orin Nashied HridiLecturerDepartment of Profile
Ms. Miskatul MumtazLecturerDepartment of Profile
Ms. Shanta GuhaLecturerDepartment of Music01816904389shantaguha3@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Munmun Binta JalilLecturerDepartment of Music01760519622munmun.suni@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. A.K.M Koushik AhmedLecturerDepartment of Profile
Ms. Jannatul FerdousLecturerDepartment of Music01740204532urmyjannat28@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Nadira IslamLecturerDepartment of Music01937045402nadiraislam503@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Monika BiswasLecturerDepartment of Profile
Ms. Farhana Rahman KantaLecturerDepartment of Music01625670769farhanakanta72@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Anabil EhsanLecturerDepartment of Profile
Ms. Jashia Mozib PorshiLecturerDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. Mihir Kumar RoyProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. Dil Afroze BegumProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Moazzem Hossain MiahProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Rafiqul IslamProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. Kazi Shamim SultanaProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr AKM Moinul Haque MeazeProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Nasim HasanProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. Shyamal Ranjan ChakrabortyProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. S. M. Khorshed AlamProfessorDepartment of Physics01819642030smk61alam@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Idrish MiahProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Mashiur RahmanProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. Rezaul AzimProfessorDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. Shahida AkhterProfessorDepartment of Profile
Dr. Neelufar PannaAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Dr. A. K. M. Rezaur RahmanAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Dr. A. K. M. Ariful Haque SiddiqueAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Mohammad Asadul HaqueAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Dr. Shamima NasrinAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Dr. Quazi Muhammad Rashed-NizamAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Nur Mohammad EmanAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Md. MohsinAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Md. Kowsar AlamAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Profile
Mr. Mohammad Ashraful IslamLecturerDepartment of Profile
Ms. ShaMs.un AlamLecturerDepartment of Profile
Mr. Md. Saiful AlamLecturerDepartment of Physics01719379582saif10350@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Santunu PurohitLecturerDepartment of Profile
Mr. Mohammad ShahjahanLecturerDepartment of Profile
Mr. Mohammad Nasirul HoqueLecturerDepartment of Profile
Ms. Syeda KarimunnesaLecturerDepartment of Profile
Ms. Sadeka Sultana RubaiLecturerDepartment of Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Jamaluddin Profile
Professor Dr. Shamim Profile
Professor Dr. Monir Profile
Professor Dr. Shahanara BegumProfessorChemistry01793461076shahanarabegumcu2010@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Mr. Benu Kumar Profile
Professor Dr. Debashis Profile
Professor Dr. M. ShaMs.uddin Profile
Professor Dr. Tapashi Ghosh Profile
Professor Dr. M. Mosharef H. Profile
Professor Dr. Zainul Abedin Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Mahbubul Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Abdul Profile
Professor Dr. Syeda Kurshida Profile
Professor Dr. S. M. Abe KawsarProfessorChemistry01762717081akawsarabe@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Nasir Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Ismail Profile
Mr. Md. Ashraf UddinAssociate ProfessorChemistry01819950250ashraf_cu@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Abul Fazal Muhammad SanaullahAssociate ProfessorChemistry01711984612sanaullahfazal@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Sayeda Halima BegumAssociate Profile
Dr. Faisal Islam ChowdhuryAssociate, chow_faisal@yahoo.comView Profile
Dr. Md. Ashiqur Rahman KhanAssociate Profile
Mr. Md. Kamrul HossainAssistant Profile
Ms. Mariam IslamAssistant Profile
Mr. Foni Bushon BiswasAssistant Profile
Ms. Jannatul Profile
Mr. Faisal Profile
Mr. Md. Ariful Profile
Professor Dr. Nil Ratan Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Ashraful Profile
Professor Dr. Nurun Nahar Begum, Profile
Professor Dr. Talky Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Aman Profile
Professor Dr. M. Jalal Profile
Mr. Abdullah MuradAssociate Profile
Mr. Mohammad ForkanAssociate Profile
Mr. G. M. Wali UllahAssociate Profile
Dr. Mohammed Mustafa RizviAssociate Profile
Mr. Md. Abdul AlimAssociate Profile
Mr. H. S. Faruque AlamAssociate ProfessorMathematics01819932930hsfalam@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammad Moksud AlamAssociate Profile
Mr. Mohammad Amjad HossainAssociate Profile
Mr. Abu Shahed Mohammad MoinuddinAssociate Profile
Mr. Abu Saleh Mohammad Mohiul Islam (Pinto)Associate Profile
Ms. Shomi AktarAssistant Profile
Mr. Lipon Profile
Mr. S. M. Erfanul Kabir Profile
Ms. Misha Profile
Professor Dr. M. A. KarimProfessorStatistics01712090155makstatcu@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Soma Chowdhury Profile
Professor Md. Emdadul Profile
Professor Md. Imam Profile
Professor Mr. Md. Monirul Profile
Professor Mr. Md. Profile
Professor Mr. Chandan Kumer Profile
Professor Mr. Md. Shakhawat Profile
Professor Mr. Md. Salim Profile
Dr. Md Abdul MalequeAssociate Profile
Mr. A.H.M. Rakibul MawlaAssociate Profile
Mr. Md. Moniruzzaman BhuiyanAssociate Profile
Mr. Md. Monjur MorshedAssociate Profile
Mr. Mosammat Zamilun NaharAssociate Profile
Mr. Md. Shaha Alam PatwaryAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Shahidul HoqueAssistant Profile
Mr. Kanak ChoudhuryAssistant Profile
Mr. Sanjib GhoshAssistant Profile
Mr. Muhammad Alamgir IslamAssistant Profile
Mr. Janardan MahantaAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Habibur RahamanAssistant Profile
Ms. Afroza BegumAssistant Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Helal UddinProfessorApplied, huddin72@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Nazrul IslamAssociate ProfessorApplied Profile
Dr. Sumon GanguliAssociate ProfessorApplied Profile
Mr. Md. Didarul Alam ChowdhuryAssistant ProfessorApplied, didarulchem05@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Ayesha AfrinAssistant ProfessorApplied Profile
Dr. Suman BaruaAssociate ProfessorApplied Profile
Dr. Kamol DeyAssistant ProfessorApplied Profile
Mr. Md. Ashraful HaqueAssistant ProfessorApplied Profile
Mr. Aminul Islam ChowdhuryLecturerApplied Chemistry01631951169aicpitt@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Mr. Gias Uddin AhmedProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Mozaffar HossainProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Science01711307324mozaffarhm57@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Kamal HossainProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Shafiul AlamProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Al-AminProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Jashim UddinProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Professor Dr. Khaled MisbahuzzamanProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Professor Md. Danesh MiahProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Professor Dr. Jarin AkhterProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Professor Dr. A. T. M. Rafiqul HoqueProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Aktar HossainProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Mosharraf HossainProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Professor Dr. Bayezid Mahmud KhanProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Professor Dr S M ShaMs.ul HudaProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Mahfuzur RahmanProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Dr. Abul Hasnat Mohammad Raihan SarkerAssociate ProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Dr. S. M. Mijan UddinAssociate ProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Dr. Tarit Kumar BaulAssociate ProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Dr. Shyamal KarmakarAssociate ProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Mr. K M Nazmul IslamAssistant ProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Mr. Mohammad Main UddinAssistant ProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Mr. Md. Humayain KabirAssistant ProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Ms. Rajasree NandiAssistant ProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Mr. M. M. Abdullah Al MamunAssistant ProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Mr. Md. Akhter HossainAssistant ProfessorForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Mr. Abu Rashed Jamil MahmoodLecturerForestry & Envoirnment Sciencejamil.mahmood@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Sohag MiahLecturerForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Ms. Tasnima DilshadLecturerForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Ms. Suriya YeasminLecturerForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Mr. Kazi Nazrul IslamLecturerForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Ms. G. N. Tanjina HasnatLecturerForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Mr. Faqrul Islam ChowdhuryLecturerForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Ms. Morgubatul JannatLecturerForestry & Envoirnment Profile
Professor Dr. Anjan Kumar ChowdhuryProfessorJamal Profile
Mr. Md. Khurshedul AlamAssistant ProfessorEnglish Techers of Profile
Ms. Fahmeda YeasminAssistant ProfessorEnglish Techers of Profile
Professor Dr. Ranjit Kumar Profile
Professor Dr. Ahmad Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Abdur Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Ayub Profile
Professor Md. Helal Uddin Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Salim Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Anwarul Kabir (Lien) Profile
Professor Dr. Bidhan Chandra Profile
Mr. Shahed Bin SadequeAssociate Profile
Dr. Md. Iqbal HossainAssociate ProfessorAccounting01767887722ihossaincu@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Rumana AkterAssociate Profile
Mr. Md. Ali Arshad ChowdhuryAssociate Profile
Dr. Mohammad Morshedur RahmanAssociate Profile
Mr. Sumon BhattacharjeeAssistant Profile
Ms. Mouri DeyAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Kowsar HamidAssistant Profile
Ms. Nasrin Jahan NasuAssistant Profile
Mr. Mohammad Shafiur Rahman ChowdhuryAssistant Profile
Mr. Shimul ChakrabortyAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Rakibul Islam MayshanAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Thasinul AbedinAssistant Profile
Mr. Sanjib Sutra DharAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Zahedul Profile
Mr. Tohid Uz Zaman Profile
Ms. Israth Profile
Professor Dr. Zahed Hossain SikderProfessorManagement01720488488zahed4sikder@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Abu TaherProfessorManagement01818762538taher500_cumgt@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Profile
Professor Dr. Md Moazzam Profile
Professor Dr. Shelina AkhterProfessorManagement01817750514shelinamgtcu@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Sahidur Profile
Professor Abu Md. Atiqur RahmanProfessorManagement01817292225atictgu@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Zahurul Profile
Professor Dr. Shameema Profile
Professor A.K.M. Tafzal HaqueProfessorManagement01819613992tafzalcu@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Khaled Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Harisur Rahman Profile
Ms. Sharmeen AhmedAssociate ProfessorManagement01765306885sharmeencu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammad Abul BasharAssociate Profile
Mr. Mohammad Shahab UddinAssociate Profile
Ms. Shirin Ara ChowdhuryAssociate ProfessorManagement01913626086cushirinarachy@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman ChyAssociate Profile
Dr. Anupam Kumar DasAssociate Profile
Mr. Md. Sharfuddin RashedAssociate ProfessorManagement01815854560rashed_mgt@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Swadip BhattacharjeeAssistant Profile
Mr. Tarik RaihanAssistant,View Profile
Mr. Shetu Ranjan BiswasAssistant Profile
Mr. Mohammad Sarwar AlamAssistant Profile
Ms. Sharmin AktherAssistant ProfessorManagement01717826911sharmin333@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Kazi Sirajum Profile
Professor Dr. Begum Ismat Ara HuqProfessorFinance01716469874ismathuq@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Saleh Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Shamim Uddin Profile
Professor Dr. Jannat Ara Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Nesarul Profile
Professor Mr. S M NASRUL Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Akter Profile
Professor Dr. S. M. Sohrab Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Jamal Profile
Professor Dr. Suraiya NazneenProfessorFinance01534690821suraiyactg@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Hasmat Profile
Professor Dr. Firoja Akter Profile
Professor Dr. Tanvir Mohammad Hayder Profile
Dr. Shahadat HossainAssociate Profile
Mr. Mohammed Ziaul HoqueAssociate Profile
Dr. Shahadat HossainAssociate Profile
Dr. Mostafa AliAssociate Profile
Dr. Anupam Das GuptaAssociate;View Profile
Mr. Md. Abdullah Al HasanAssistant ProfessorFinance01714319481hasan14882@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Awlad Hosen SagarAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Mohiuddin ChowdhuryAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Tamim Mahmud FoisalAssistant Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Shawquatul Profile
Professor S. M. SalamatUllah Profile
Professor Syed Ahsanul AlamProfessorMarketing01711748748professorparvez@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Tayub Profile
Professor Dr. Sajib Kumar Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Javed Profile
Professor Dr. Tunazzina Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Profile
Professor Dr. Hossain Shaid Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Nasir Profile
Professor Dr. Fuad Profile
Professor Dr. Mir Hossain Profile
Mr. Mohammed Shahedul QuaderAssociate Profile
Mr. Dipanwita BhattacharjeeAssociate Profile
Mr. Md. Bazlur RahmanAssociate Profile
Dr. Shanto BanikAssociate Profile
Dr. Zapan BaruaAssociate Profile
Mr. Sajib BaruaAssistant ProfessorMarketing01717734116sajibbaruamktg@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammad AlauddinAssistant Profile
Ms. Sharmin AkterAssistant Profile
Mr. H.M. Kamrul HassanAssistant Profile
Ms. Ummay Salma KhanamAssistant Profile
Ms. Tania karimAssistant ProfessorMarketing01682677788tania_5007@yahoo.comView Profile
Ms. Imtiaz Uddin Profile
Mr. Saikat Profile
Ms. Salma Profile
Ms. Najma Profile
Professor Dr. A. F. M. AowrangazabProfessorDepartment of Human Resource & Profile
Mr. Shanewaz Mahmood SohelAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Human Resource & Profile
Mr. Md. Aftab UddinAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Human Resource & Profile
Ms. Samina AfrinAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Human Resource & Profile
Mr. Md. Kafil UddinAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Human Resource & Profile
Mr. Md. Ashraful AlamAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Human Resource & Profile
Mr. Abdullah Al MamunLecturerDepartment of Human Resource & Profile
Ms. Ayesha AkterLecturerDepartment of Human Resource & Profile
Professor Dr. Sultan AhmedProfessorBanking and Profile
Ms. Taslima AkhterAssistant ProfessorBanking and Profile
Mr. Anamul HaqueAssistant ProfessorBanking and Profile
Mr. Md. Abu Bakkar SiddikAssistant ProfessorBanking and Profile
Mr. Mohammad Rifat RahmanLecturerBanking and Profile
Mr. Rubayet HasanLecturerBanking and Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Sahidur RahamanProfessorBureau of Business Profile
Professor Dr. Jahangir AlamProfessorChittagong University Center of Business Profile
Mr. Md. Sadequle IslamAssistant ProfessorEnglish teacher of Business Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Ali Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Abul HossainProfessorEconomics01718111797hossain.shams@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mudabber AhmedProfessorEconomics01819151371ahmed.mudabber@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Amirul IslamProfessorEconomics01554312956amiruli@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Alauddin Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Saiful Profile
Professor Dr Mohammad Tarequl Hasan Profile
Mr. Mohammad Nur NobiAssociate Profile
Dr. Abul Hasnat Muhammed SalimullahAssociate Profile
Mr. Mohammad Morshedul HoqueAssociate Profile
Dr. Md. Taslim UddinAssociate ProfessorEconomicsmtucu79@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. N.U.H. Aowrangejeb Chy.Associate Profile
Mr. Mohammad Mamun Morshed BhuyanAssistant Profile
Mr. Shantanu Deb BarmanAssistant Profile
Mr. Tonmoyee Hasan AyonAssistant Profile
Mr. Zulan DharAssistant ProfessorEconomics01818279129zulaneco@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Md. MohiuddinAssistant Profile
Mr. Sanjay Chandra RoyAssistant Profile
Ms. Mallika RoyAssistant ProfessorEconomics01675345843mallikaroy_eco@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Safiullah KayeshAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. SaifuddinAssistant ProfessorEconomics01818604425saifmcu@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Runa SahaAssistant ProfessorEconomics01790693833saharuna.economics14@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. A.F.M. Fazley Rabbi ChowdhuryAssistant ProfessorEconomics01763136794faishal_63@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Bhuian Md. Monoar KabirProfessorPolitical Profile
Professor Mr. Muhammad Yeahia AkhterProfessorPolitical Profile
Professor Dr. Anwara BegumProfessorPolitical Profile
Professor Dr. Mustafizur Rahman SiddiquiProfessorPolitical Profile
Professor Dr. A. K. M. Mahfuzul Haque (Mahfuz Parvez)ProfessorPolitical Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Enayet Ullah PatwaryProfessorPolitical Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Safiqul IslamProfessorPolitical Profile
Dr. Mohammed Anowar Hossain MiziAssociate ProfessorPolitical Science01712253189anowarmizi@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammad Alam ChowdhuryAssociate ProfessorPolitical Profile
Dr. Mohammad Jahirul QuiyumAssociate ProfessorPolitical Profile
Mr. Akkas AhmedAssociate ProfessorPolitical Profile
Mr. A. G. M. Niaz UddinAssociate ProfessorPolitical Profile
Mr. Md. Bakhtiar UddinAssistant ProfessorPolitical Profile
Mr. Md. Selimul HoqueAssistant ProfessorPolitical Profile
Mr. Mohammad IshakAssistant ProfessorPolitical Profile
Ms. Ummey HabibaAssistant ProfessorPolitical Profile
Ms. Sharmin AfrojAssistant ProfessorPolitical Profile
Dr. Hasina Afruj ShantaAssistant ProfessorPolitical Profile
Ms. Sharmila Kabir SheemaLecturerPolitical Profile
Ms. Dipanjoli Barua PinkiLecturerPolitical Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Obaidul Profile
Professor Dr. Indrajit Profile
Professor Lutfun Nahar Profile
Professor Mr. S M Monirul Profile
Professor Dr. A B M Nazmul Islam Profile
Ms. Parveen SultanaAssociate ProfessorSociology01771477757sultanap174@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Anwar Hossain ChoudhuryAssociate Profile
Ms. Shammi AkhterAssistant Profile
Mr. Muhammad Ridwan MostafaAssistant Profile
Dr. Hanif MiahAssistant Profile
Mr. Masud KamalAssistant Profile
Mr. Joydeb GaraiAssistant ProfessorSociology01912242028garai.joydeb@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Soyeb Uddin HaiderAssistant Profile
Mr. Ms. Ms. Amina BegumAssistant ProfessorSociology01823955111aminabegumcu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammed Aminur RahamanAssistant Profile
Ms. Fatama-tuz -zoharaAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Arif Uddin KhanAssistant Profile
Ms. Zakia SharminAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Akter HossenAssistant Profile
Mr. Mohammad MohiuddinAssistant Profile
Ms. Asma Akter AkhyAssistant Profile
Mr. Basu Mittra ChakmaAssistant ProfessorSociology01786550095mukambay@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Maidul IslamAssistant Profile
Professor M. Ruhul AminProfessorPublic Administration01817750533mramincu@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Afroza BegumProfessorPublic Profile
Professor Hossaien KabirProfessorPublic Profile
Professor Mr. Siraj Ud DoullahProfessorPublic Profile
Professor Mr. Sonia HaqProfessorPublic Profile
Professor Kazi SM Khasrul Alam QuddusiProfessorPublic Profile
Professor Amir Mohammad NasrullahProfessorPublic Profile
Professor Dr. Farjana NasrinProfessorPublic Profile
Mr. Mamtaj Uddin AhmedAssociate ProfessorPublic Profile
Mr. Morshadul HoqueAssociate ProfessorPublic Profile
Mr. Mohammed Rejaul KarimAssistant ProfessorPublic Profile
Mr. Md Shahidulla KaiserAssistant ProfessorPublic Profile
Ms. Shamim NoorAssistant ProfessorPublic Profile
Mr. Mohammad YaqubAssistant ProfessorPublic Profile
Ms. Refat Darina KamalAssistant ProfessorPublic Administration01769050101rk16mp@brocku.caView Profile
Mr. Z. R. M. Abdullah KaiserAssistant ProfessorPublic Profile
Mr. Nasir UddinAssistant ProfessorPublic Profile
Ms. Amina SabrinAssistant ProfessorPublic Profile
Professor Dr. Farid Uddin AhammedProfessorAnthropology01818055477fuahamed@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Mr. Nasir Profile
Professor Mr. Muhammad Ala Profile
Mr. Sadaf Nur A IslamAssociate ProfessorAnthropology01818737896sadaf1820@yahoo.comView Profile
Ms. Khadija MituAssociate ProfessorAnthropology01712054356mituju@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. N.M. Sajjadul HoqueAssociate ProfessorAnthropology01910859500sajjadanthro@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Md. AshrafuzzamanAssociate Profile
Dr. Md. Anwar HossainAssociate Profile
Ms. Zakia RehanaAssistant Profile
Mr. Tanjeem AfreenAssistant ProfessorAnthropology01999929099afrnadia04@yahoo.comView Profile
Ms. Nasrin AkterAssistant Profile
Ms. Faria MahjabeenAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Faruk HossainAssistant ProfessorAnthropology01672906271faruksdp@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Muktar Ahmed ChowdhuryAssistant Profile
Miss. Tazrin-A- JakeaAssistant Profile
Mr. S M Sadat al SajibAssistant Profile
Mr. Muhammad Kazim Nur SohadAssistant Profile
Mr. Musreka Aditi HuqAssistant ProfessorAnthropology01759199503maditihuq@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Ashadul HaqueAssistant Profile
Mrs. Tanima SultanaAssistant Profile
Ms. Sabiha Raiyen Profile
Professor Md. Kamal Uddin, Ph.D.ProfessorDepartment of International Profile
Mr. Muhammad Faridul AlamAssociate ProfessorDepartment of International Profile
Mr. Mohammad FaisalAssociate ProfessorDepartment of International Relations01718227317callazim@yahoo.comView Profile
Dr. Sujit Kumar DattaAssociate ProfessorDepartment of International Profile
Mr. Helal Uddin AhmmedAssistant ProfessorDepartment of International Profile
Mr. Md. Matiul Hoque MasudAssistant ProfessorDepartment of International Profile
Mr. Ashraful AzadAssistant ProfessorDepartment of International Profile
Mr. Md. Niaz MorshedAssistant ProfessorDepartment of International Profile
Ms. Fareha JasminAssistant ProfessorDepartment of International Profile
Mr. Md. MohiuddinLecturerDepartment of International Profile
Mr. Afzalur RahmanLecturerDepartment of International Profile
Ms. Nishat Afroze AhmedLecturerDepartment of International Profile
Ms. Nusrat Yeasmin PuspaLecturerDepartment of International Profile
Mr. Muhammad Tareq ChowdhuryLecturerDepartment of International Profile
Mr. Mohammad Riduan ParvezLecturerDepartment of International Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Sahid UllahProfessorCommunication and Profile
Professor Mohammad Ali Asgar ChowdhuryProfessorCommunication and Profile
Mr. Atiqur RahmanAssociate ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Mr. Ali Md. Zakaria KhanAssociate ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Mr. Mohammad Morshedul IslamAssociate ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Mr. MD ABUL KALAM AZADAssociate ProfessorCommunication and Journalism01716061825azad2008_media@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Shahidul HaqueAssociate ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Ms. Rawshon AkterAssociate ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Mr. Shahab UddinAssociate ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Mr. Muhammad ZakariaAssociate ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Mr. Kh. Ali Ar RajiAssistant ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Mr. A. K. M. Ziaur Rahman khanAssistant ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Ms. Farzana KarimAssistant ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Mr. Madhab Chandra DasAssistant ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Mr. Rezaul KarimAssistant ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Ms. Saima AlamAssistant ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Mr. Md. AsaduzzamanAssistant ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Mr. Rajib NandyAssistant ProfessorCommunication and Journalism01818255554rajibndy@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Shudipta SharmaAssistant ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Ms. Subarna MazumderAssistant ProfessorCommunication and Journalism01717661565subijourno@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammad Delwar HosenAssistant ProfessorCommunication and Profile
Professor Dr. A B M Nazmul Islam Profile
Professor Dr. Iftekhar Uddin ChowdhuryProfessorCriminology and Police Profile
Ms. Moumita PaulLecturerCriminology and Police Profile
Mr. Md. Shakhawat HossainLecturerCriminology and Police Profile
Mr. Md Mazharul IslamLecturerCriminology and Police Profile
Mr. Kazi Rabiul IslamLecturerDevelopment Profile
Mr. Md. Shahriar Bulbul TonmoyLecturerDevelopment Profile
Mr. Mohammad SohaibLecturerDevelopment Profile
Professor Md. Morshed Mahmud KhanProfessorLaw01715675195mmkhan1965@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Md. Zakir Profile
Professor Dr. Abdullah Al Profile
Professor Dr. M. Jafar Ullah TalukderProfessorLaw01817750855jafarculaw@gmail.comView Profile
Professor A. B. M. Abu Profile
Professor Dr. Shajeda Profile
Professor Md. Mohiuddin KhaledProfessorLaw01817792779mohiddinkhaled260@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Ms. Shiffat SharminProfessorLaw01741108738shiffat75@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Muhammod Shaheen Profile
Professor Mr. Nirmal Kumar ShahaProfessorLaw01718573543nirmalksaha@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Ms. Najnin Profile
Ms. Rakiba NabiAssociate Profile
Dr. Mohammad Moin UddinAssociate Profile
Mr. Md. Abdullah Al MamunAssociate ProfessorLaw01818065526mamunlaw1977@yahoo.comView Profile
Ms. Asma Bint ShafiqAssistant ProfessorLaw01820094347View Profile
Mr. M. Jashim Ali ChowdhuryAssistant ProfessorLaw19500000000jashim.chy@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Sharmin AfrojAssistant ProfessorLaw01831980517sharminafrojcu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Zaker AhmadAssistant Profile
Ms. Farjana YesminAssistant ProfessorLaw01822939118rimalawcu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Saeed Ahsan KhalidAssistant Profile
Mr. Hasan Muhammad RomanAssistant Profile
Mr. Hossain Mohammad Younus SiraziLecturerLaw01711876734hmysirazi@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Noor Israth Profile
Mr. Faisal Bin Monir Profile
Ms. Ainun Profile
Professor Dr. Munira Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Farid AhsanProfessorZoology01712847356faridahsan55@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Ismail Profile
Professor Dr. Ghazi S. M. AsmatProfessorZoology01976655005gasmat@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Shawkat Ara BegumProfessorZoology01734322112shawkat_cu@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Habibur Profile
Professor Md. Manzoorul Profile
Ms. Rasheda ChowdhuryAssociate ProfessorZoology01745063120mrashedachowdhury@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Aftab HossainAssistant ProfessorZoology01717419525aftab_zool@yahoo.comView Profile
Dr. Jadab Kumar BiswasAssistant Profile
Mr. Mohammad Abdul Wahed ChowdhuryAssistant ProfessorZoology01717148149piloctg@yahoo.comView Profile
Ms. Sayeda Ismat AraAssistant ProfessorZoology01911512428ismatara83@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Rajib AcharjeeAssistant Profile
Ms. Mahbuba HasnatAssistant ProfessorZoology01818125489mahbubacu@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mokter AhmedProfessorBotany01818180464amoktercu1956@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Mahbubur Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Kamrul Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Profile
Professor Dr. Shaikh Bokhtear Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Musharof Profile
Professor Mr. Kazi Mohammad Mesbaul AlamProfessorBotany01711078651mesbaul_73@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Animesh BiswasProfessorBotany17100000000animeshmedp@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Abdul Quiyum ChowdhuryAssociate ProfessorBotany01846594334abdulquiyumchowdhury@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammed Sala UddinAssociate ProfessorBotany01716682220salauddincu@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Pervin AkterAssociate Profile
Dr. Mohammad Omar FaruqueAssociate Profile
Mr. Mohammed Mozammel HoqueAssistant Profile
Ms. Sweety MajumderAssistant Profile
Mr. Tapash Kumar BhowmikAssistant Profile
Mr. Minhajur RahmanAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Abul KashemAssistant Profile
Mr. Farhana Rumzum BhuiyanAssistant Profile
Ms. Ishrath Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Abu Taiyeb ChowdhuryProfessorGeography01711032377mat_chowdhury@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Alak Profile
Professor Mr. Abdul HoqueProfessorGeography01819629972abdulhoque504@gmail.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Profile
Dr. Md. Edris AlamAssociate ProfessorGeography01711230855edrisalam@yahoo.comView Profile
Ms. Salma MamtazAssociate ProfessorGeography01819113465smamtaz@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Mahbub MurshedAssociate ProfessorGeography01913500656mahbub_88@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Kazi Md. Barkat AliAssociate ProfessorGeography01558329659kbageo@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Iqbal SarwarAssociate Profile
Mr. Md. Ali HaiderAssociate Profile
Dr. Md. Atiqur RahmanAssociate Profile
Dr. Biswajit NathAssociate Profile
Ms. Taj SultanaAssistant ProfessorGeography01718552442nizu_bdgeo@yahoo.comView Profile
Ms. Nasreen AkterAssistant ProfessorGeography01726121798nasreengeo@yahoo.comView Profile
Ms. Nahid SultanaAssistant Profile
Ms. Naznin Nahar SultanaAssistant Profile
Mr. Hiamul IslamAssistant ProfessorGeography01925786968himuecotour@yahoo.comView Profile
Ms. Shamsun NaharAssistant ProfessorGeography01819063542dibageocu@yahoo.comView Profile
Dr. Shahidul IslamAssistant Profile
Professor Dr. Dwaipayan SikdarProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Monirul IslamProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Professor Dr. Golam KabirProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Biologymgkabir73@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Chowdhury Md. Monirul HasanProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Professor Dr. Abu Sahdat M. NomanProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Atiar RahmanProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Dr. Md Sayedul IslamAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Mr. Mohammad Razuanul HoqueAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Dr. Robiul Hasan BhuiyanAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Dr. Kanchan ChakmaAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Dr. Muhammad Mosaraf HossainAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Mr. Suman MojumderAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Dr. Srikanta ChowdhuryAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Dr. Ramendu ParialAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Mr. Mohammed Moinul IslamAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Ms. Jannatul AklimaAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Ms. Mowri DhaliAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Mr. Md. Mamunur Rashid MahibAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Ms. Afrin SultanaAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Ms. Srabonti SahaAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Dr. Tanim Jabid HossainAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Mrs. Sunanda BaidyaAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Mr. Rajib Kumar ShilAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Ms. Sonam AktherAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Abul Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Shafiqur Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Towhid Profile
Professor Dr. Wahhida Profile
Dr. Mohammad Seraj UddinAssociate Profile
Dr. Md. Zobaidul AlamAssociate Profile
Dr. Sharmin SultanaAssociate Profile
Dr. Ferdausi AliAssociate Profile
Dr. Jannatul FerdouseAssociate Profile
Mr. Md. Nuruddin MahmudAssociate ProfessorMicrobiology01892945006View Profile
Dr. Md Mahamudul HassanAssociate Profile
Mr. Kartik DharAssistant Profile
Dr. Md. Myn UddinAssistant ProfessorMicrobiology01813145125mynuddincu@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Forkan AhamedAssistant Profile
Mr. Sujan DeyAssistant Profile
Mr. Rasel BaruaAssistant Profile
Ms. Shoma DuttaAssistant Profile
Dr. Md. Imranul HoqAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Kamal UddinAssistant Profile
Dr. Kamrun Nahar IslamAssistant ProfessorMicrobiology01790720933knislam47@gmail.comView Profile
Mrs. Tasneem ChowdhuryAssistant ProfessorMicrobiology01670438503tasneemchdr@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. H. M. Abdullah Al MasudAssistant Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Golam KibriaProfessorSoil Profile
Professor Dr. Md. AkhtaruzzamanProfessorSoil Profile
Professor Dr. Nasrin ChowdhuryProfessorSoil Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Abul KashemProfessorSoil Profile
Professor Dr. Md. AlamgirProfessorSoil Profile
Professor Dr. Shoffikul IslamProfessorSoil Profile
Mr. Muhammad Sher MahmudAssociate ProfessorSoil Profile
Ms. Tanjia ShorminAssociate ProfessorSoil Profile
Mr. Mohammad Zafar AfsarAssistant ProfessorSoil Profile
Dr. Sabrina Sharmeen AlamAssociate ProfessorSoil Profile
Dr. Azizul HakimAssociate ProfessorSoil Profile
Mr. Md. Enamul HaqueAssistant ProfessorSoil Science01718990850View Profile
Ms. Ashoka SarkerAssistant ProfessorSoil Profile
Mr. Nazmul HossainAssistant ProfessorSoil Profile
Ms. Farzana Ahmed RumiAssistant ProfessorSoil Profile
Mr. Mazharul IslamAssistant ProfessorSoil Profile
Mr. Md. Imam HossainAssistant ProfessorSoil Profile
Mr. Sajal RoyAssistant ProfessorSoil Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Al-ForkanProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Professor Dr. Lolo Wal MarzanProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Professor Dr. S. M. Rafiqul IslamProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Dr. Md. Rafiqul IslamAssociate ProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Dr. Nazneen Naher IslamAssociate ProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Mr. A. M. Abu AhmedAssociate ProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Dr. Laila khaleda AnkhiAssociate ProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Dr. A. M. Masudul Azad ChowdhuryAssociate ProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Mr. Adnan MannanAssociate ProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Ms. Sabrina Shameen AlamAssistant ProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Ms. Yeasmeen Ali EtyAssistant ProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Mr. Mohd. Omar Faruk SikderAssistant ProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Ms. Farjana SharmenAssistant ProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Mr. Bashudev RudraAssistant ProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Ms. Sohana Akter MinaAssistant ProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Ms. Yasmin AkterAssistant ProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Mr. Md. Mahbub HasanAssistant ProfessorGenetic Engineering & Profile
Mr. S.M. Murshid-ul AlamLecturerGenetic Engineering & Profile
Mr. Md. Jibran AlamLecturerGenetic Engineering & Profile
Ms. Dil Umme Salma ChowdhuryLecturerGenetic Engineering & Profile
Mr. Rahee Hasan ChowdhuryLecturerGenetic Engineering & Profile
Mr. Mohammed Afzal HossainAssociate Profile
Dr. Md. Nurul IslamAssociate Profile
Mr. Md. Shahinoor RahmanAssistant Profile
Mr. Arunavo BairagiAssistant Profile
Ms. Lailun NaharAssistant Profile
Ms. Rumana AktarAssistant Profile
Mr. Biplob Kumar DeyAssistant Profile
Mr. Abdur RahmanAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Alamgir HossainAssistant Profile
Ms. Sabiha SultanaAssistant ProfessorPsychology01745319981sabiha327@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Najifa AlamAssistant Profile
Ms. Umme Kulsuma RashidAssistant Profile
Mr. Oli AhmedAssistant Profile
Ms. Sabrina Shajeen AlamLecturerPsychology01755094981shajeenalam@gmail.comView Profile
Ms. Aklima Profile
Ms. Najnin Profile
Ms. Lutfun Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Kamrul HossainProfessorPharmacy01737660236mkhossain73@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Mir Muhammad Nasir UddinAssistant Profile
Mr. Mohi UddinAssistant ProfessorPharmacy01816031362mohiuddin.1713@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. S. M. Moazzem HossenAssistant Profile
Mr. Md. Tanveer AhsanAssistant Profile
Mr. S. M. Naim UddinAssistant Profile
Mr. Ramiz Ahmed SultanAssistant Profile
Mrs. Tanzina Sharmin NipunAssistant ProfessorPharmacy01833757696tsn.np99@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Md. Nazmul Profile
Mr. Umay Profile
Ms. Humayra Profile
Ms. Jannatul NaimaLecturerPharmacy01882705816jnaima21@yahoo.comView Profile
Ms. Nawreen Monir Profile
Mr. Md. Giash Profile
Ms. Sumyya Profile
Mr. Mohammad Rashedul Profile
Ms. Nusrat Jahan NituLecturerEnglish Teacher of Biological Sciences Profile
Mr. K.M. Jubair UddinLecturerEnglish Teacher of Biological Sciences Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Shahadat HossainProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Professor Md. Hanif SeddiquiProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Khairul IslamProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Osiur RahmanProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Professor Mr. Muhammad Anwarul AzimProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad Sanaullah ChowdhuryProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Dr. Kazi AsrafuzzamanAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Professor Dr. Rashed MustafaProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Mr. Nihad Karim ChowdhuryAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Mr. Rokan Uddin FaruquiAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Dr. Farah JahanAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Dr. Iqbal AhmedAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Computer Science &, , Profile
Mr. REZAUL KARIMAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Engineering01817715159pinnacle_of_success@yahoo.comView Profile
Dr. Fahim Irfan AlamAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Dr. Rudra Pratap Deb NathAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Computer Science &, rudra@cs.aau.dkView Profile
Mr. A. H. M. Sajedul HoqueAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Dr. Atiqur RahmanAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & ; Profile
Ms. Shima ChakrabortyAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Mr. Nasrin SultanaAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Mr. Md. Mahbubul IslamAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Dr. Abu Nowshed ChyLecturerDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Mr. N. M. Istiak ChowdhuryLecturerDepartment of Computer Science & Profile
Professor Dr. Sankar Lal SahaProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Engineering01819610100dr.sankarlalsaha@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor DR. JAMAL UDDIN AHAMEDProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Professor Dr. Hasan Khaled RoufProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammad A. AlimProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Engineering01775822146mohammadabdulalim@cu...View Profile
Mr. Mohammed Arif Iftakher MahmoodAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Mr. Md. Murshadul HoqueAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Dr. Md Fazlul KaderAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Dr. Kazi Tanvir AhmmedAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Dr. Md. Shah AlamAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Mr. Ariful IslamAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Mr. S M Abu Zahed ChowdhuryAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Mr. Mohammad ShuhrawardyAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Mr. Sabuj ChowdhuryAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Ms. Sabrina AlamAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Mr. Md. Didarul AlamAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Mr. Mohammad Shah AlamgirAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Engineering01717124860shah_a3514@yahoo.comView Profile
Ms. Saumitra Kumar KuriAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Mr. Alamgir HossanAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Engineering01732509427ah@knights.ucf.eduView Profile
Mr. Md. Shariful IslamLecturerDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Engineering01521532773shariful2488@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Tauhidul HaqueLecturerDepartment of Electrical & Electronic Profile
Professor Dr. Mohammed Abul ManchurProfessorPhysical Education & Sports Profile
Professor Dr. Md. M. Maruf HossainProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Profile
Professor Mr. Sayedur Rahman ChowdhuryProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Shahadat HossainProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Shafiqul IslamProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Profile
Professor Dr. Sheikh Aftab UddinProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Profile
Professor Dr. S. M. SharifuzzamanProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Profile
Mr. Mohammed Zahedur Rahman ChowdhuryAssociate ProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Profile
Ms. Aysha AkhtarAssociate ProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Profile
Mr. Mohammad Nurul Azim SikderAssistant ProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Profile
Mr. Md. Mostafa MonwarAssociate ProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Profile
Mr. Mohammad Shahidul Alam ( Shaheen)Assistant ProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Fisheries01812869240saheen_shahidul@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Mohammad Nesarul HoqueAssistant ProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Profile
Mr. Mohammed Mizanur RahmanAssistant ProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Profile
Mr. Mohammed Shah Nawaz ChowdhuryAssistant ProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Profile
Mr. Faiz Md. TaimurAssistant ProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Profile
Mr. Jewel DasAssistant ProfessorInstitute of Marine Sciences & Fisheries01730739359jewelrny@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Mohammad Muslem UddinAssociate Profile
Dr. Md. Wahidul AlamAssociate Profile
Mr. Md. Enamul Hoque (Neel)Assistant Profile
Mr. Mohammad Saydul Islam SarkarAssistant Profile
Professor Dr. Hossain Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Rashed-Un- Profile
Professor Dr. Md. Ashraful Azam Profile
Professor Dr. Munirujzaman OsmaniProfessorInstitute of Community,adminoffice@icoedu.orgView Profile
Professor Dr. Khurshid AlamProfessorInstitute of Community Ophthalmology01715452348alamk23@yahoo.comView Profile
Professor Dr. Rabiul HussainProfessorInstitute of Community, icoceitc@spnetctg.comView Profile
Dr. Jasmin AhmadAssociate ProfessorInstitute of Community Ophthalmology01819098100drjasmin19@gmail.comView Profile
Dr. Shaila BegumAssistant ProfessorInstitute of Community Ophthalmology01552381019shaila82b@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Jewel Das GuptaLecturerInstitute of Community Ophthalmology01869424088jdgupta@icoedu.orgView Profile
Professor Dr. Nasir Uddin MahmudProfessorPaediatricsnasirmahmudcmc24@gmail.comView Profile

Search the Officer of the University of Chittagong by his/her name or designation

The below list is not according to seniority.
101-V.C. OFFICEMr. Nurul hoque ChowdhuryDeputy
101-V.C. OFFICEMd. Jahangir AlamDeputy Registrar (Computer)
101-V.C. OFFICEMd. Amjad HossainDeputy
101-V.C. OFFICEMr. Md. Shahab UddinAssistant Registrar (Photocopy)
101-V.C. OFFICEMd. Nurul HudaSection Officerretirement
101-V.C. OFFICEMohammad Didarul AlamSection
101-V.C. OFFICEMd. Salah UddinSection
102-Pro-Vice Chancellor OfficeMr. Md. Abdul JabberAssistant Registrar01815111923n
102-Pro-Vice Chancellor OfficeMr. Md. Akter HossainSection Officer01817254638n
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Mohammad YusufDeputy,
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Md. Shamsul AlamDeputy Registrarretirement
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Md. Hasan MeahDeputy
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. S. M. Akbar HossainDeputy
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Dibakar BaruaDeputy
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Md. Osman ChowdhuryDeputy
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Md. Delwar HosainDeputy
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Abdul SaburDeputy
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Rashidul HaiderDeputy Registrar01819998665n
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Shafiul BasharDeputy Registrar01819371003n
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Mohammad Jashim UddinDeputy
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Md. Gias UddinDeputy
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Md. Iskander SirajDeputy
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Muhammad Rashedul HarunDeputy
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMrs. Mina Pervin HossainDeputy Registrar01817785702n
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Md. Khandaker Moaizam HossanDeputy
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Shoukat Ara PervenDeputy
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Md. Golam KibriaSenior Security Officer01823619209n
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMrs. Zohora BegumAssistant Registrar01677334930n
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Gazi Mohammed Salah UddinAssistant Registrar01822116557n
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMrs. Sharmin SultanaAssistant Registrar01818626828n
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Ali AkberAssistant
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Muhammad MusaAssistant Registrar(Store)01819809177n
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Mohammad HossainAssistant
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMrs. Ishrat ShamimAssistant
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMrs. Shamima Akhter ZafarAssistant
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMrs. Sema PervinAssistant Registrar01728225443
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Md. ZakariaPESH IMAM01714406649
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMrs. Umme HabibaAssistant Registrar (Computer)01854838755
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Muhammad Reazul HarunAssistant
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. A.AM. Yahya Chowdhury SakiSection Officer01815110257
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Md. Sakir MiaSection
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMrs. Taslima AfroseSection Officer01819708989
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Bisarup Dus GuptaSection
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMohammad Al- Rijoanul IslamSection Officer01813959575
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Md. Nazim UddinSection
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Morsheda BegumSection Officer
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Mohammad Mainul Islam LitonSection
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMrs. Hasina AkterSection
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Abul MonsurSection
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Abdulla-Al- AsadSection
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Mahabub Harun ChowdhuryDeputy
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Md. Abul Mohshin ChowdhuryDeputy Registrar01814309690
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Syed Monwar AliDeputy
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Rabiul Hossain Chy.Deputy Registrar(Computer)
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Shamim AhmedAssistant Registrar01734520823
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Md. Shidul AzimAssistant Registrar(Store)
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Md. Nasir UddinAssistant Registrar01837336704
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMrs. Shafaly Rani BaruaSection Officer01813926925
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Syed Md. IqbalSection Officer01815602451
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Mohammad Ala UddinSection Officer
103-REGISTRAR OFFICEMr. Sayed Fazlul KarimDeputy Registrar (Seminar Library)
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Faridul Alam ChowdhuryComp. of Accounts (In-Charge)
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMrs. Firoza Bente SultalDy. Comp. of
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Humayun KabirDy. Comp. of Accounts01814782405
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Abdur RashidDy. Comp. of Accounts01716524264
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Eftakar Uddin Mohd. AlamgirDy. Comp. of Accounts01819817109
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Amirul IslamDy. Comp. of
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Abdul Hamid LaskerDy. Comp. of Accounts01811202874
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Ayub Hossain KhanDy. Compt. of Acts.(Comp.)
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMrs. Lovely YasminDy. Comp. of Accounts01727239477
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Kamal UddinDy. Compt. of Acts.(Comp.)
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Rashed Uddin RaihanDy. Comp. of
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Palash ChowdhuryDy. Compt. of Acts.(Comp.)
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Mohammad IsmailDy. Comp. of
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. MohiuddinDy. Comp. of Accounts01717186777
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Daud KhanDy. Comp. of Accounts01759832688
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Gazi Nazrul IslamAsst. Comp. of Accounts01813552395
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Mohammed IliasAsst. Comp. of Accounts01817751484
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Mohammed Azam KhanAssistant
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Talat KibriaAsst. Comp. of
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Hamid Hasan NomanyAsst. Comp. of
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Masudul Islam ChowdhuryAsst. Comp. of Accounts01710467262
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. S.M.EliasAsst. Comp. of
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMrs. Sonia Islam LizaAsst. Comp. of
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Jashim UddinAsst. Comp. of
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Mohammed Robiul HossainAsst. Comp. of Accounts01819636882
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Jafar Iqbal SalimAsst. Comp. of Accounts01818140097
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Amjad HossenAssistant Director (Audit)
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Muzibur HossainSection Officer(COMPUTER)01819397047
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Abul HashemSection
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Mohammad Rashed Alam SharkarSection Officer (AUDIT)01710528604
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Muhammed Khurshedul AlamSection
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Kanij SumaiaSection Officer
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Bhupal Krishna RudraSection
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMohammad Nawroz Karim ChowdhurySection Officer (AUDIT)
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMd. Mosfiq Ur RahmanSection Officer (AUDIT)
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Mohammad Nurul AbsarSection
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Kaisaruzzaman AzadSection Officer
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Nebaran BaruaSection Officer
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Amzad HossainDeputy Registrar01716904660
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMrs. Rahela AkhterDy. Comp. of
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMd. Badiul AlamAssistant Registrar01922196117
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Mohammed Faridul AlamAsst. Comp. of Accounts01819058831
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Hasanul KarimAsst. Comp. of Accounts
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMr. Md. Daem ShaqerSection
104-Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMrs. Shamsun Nahar BegumSection Officer
105-PLA. & DEV. OFFICEMd. Altaf- ul- AlamDeputy,
105-PLA. & DEV. OFFICEMrs. Ferdousi AkterAssistant
105-PLA. & DEV. OFFICEMr. Rasel PaulAssistant
105-PLA. & DEV. OFFICEMr. Mohammad Jainal AbdeinSection Officer
105-PLA. & DEV. OFFICEMd. Ashraf AliDeputy Registrar01850030862
106-COLLEGE INSPECTOR OFFICEMr. Mohammad Sohrab HossainAssistant
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Syed Zahangir FazalSupdt. Engineer.01711379398
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Molla Khaled HossainSupdt. Engineer.01558307156
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Sarder Md. Abdullah AzamSupdt. Engineer.01867873472
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Hesham Uddin AhmedExecutive Engineer01554310377
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Md. Abdul AowalDeputy Registrar01819619019
108-Engineering OfficeMrs. Reba Rani PaulAssistant Registrar01816902118
108-Engineering OfficeMd. Rakib Solaiman ChowdhuryASST. ENGINEER(CIVIL)01816035699
108-Engineering OfficeMd. Rashed KarimSection Officer01819615474
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Belal MahmudSUB-ASST-
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Liton Chandra NathSection Officer
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Md. Abu Sayeed HossainChief Engineer01817750686
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Abdul AhadSupdt. Engineer.01732483576
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Mahfuzur RahmanSupdt. Engineer.01313699696
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Md. Sha Alam MatubbarDeputy Registrar01553740075
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Md. Mahafuzur Rahman ChowdhuryExecutive
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Md. Mahabub AlamAssistant Registrar01712252299
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Shayamal Kanti BaruaDeputy Registrar (TELEPHONE)01814820462
108-Engineering OfficeMrs. Mosammat Jaheda BegumAssistant Registrar01830088891
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Md. Anamul HaqueAssistant Registrar01918903117
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Md. Abdul AzizAssistant Registrar01717377988
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Md. Khairun NabiAssistant Registrar01814820466
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Farish Mahmud AmmarASST.ENGINEER (ARCHETECT)01812547814
108-Engineering OfficeMr. kaiser Uddin AhmedASST. ENGINEER (ELEC.)01788707076
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Md. Emdadul Haq RiyadASST. ENGINEER(CIVIL)01910999888
108-Engineering OfficeMd. Raja MiaSection Officer01817201633
108-Engineering OfficeMd. Saiful IslamSection Officer01720434887
108-Engineering OfficeMd. Saiful IslamSection Officer01716143319
108-Engineering OfficeMd. Omar FarukComputer Operator (Section Officer)01817715030
108-Engineering OfficeMd. Syed Moin uddin AhmedSection Officer01818049035
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Nurul AnowarSection Officer01819805436
108-Engineering OfficeMd. Farid UddinSeniorMETER READER(GRADE-1)01818253070
108-Engineering OfficeMohammed Ferdous WaheedASST. ENGINEER (ELEC.)
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Moinul HoqueSUB-ASST-
108-Engineering OfficeMr. Ananada Chandra NathSUB-ASST- ENGG.01983430424
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMr. Chy. Amir Mohammad MusaCont. of Exam (n-Charge)01716725403
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMrs. Kurshid SultanaDy. Cont. of Exam.01531601263
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMr. Md. Rezaul KarimDeputy Registrar01815663421
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMr. Khaled Misbahul Mokor RobinDy. Cont. of
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMr. S.M. Nasir UddinDy. Cont. of Exam.01716364376
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMr. Mohammad SohrawardiDy. Cont. of
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMr. Sarwar PervezDy. Cont. of
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMrs. Chandana ChowdhuryAsst. Cont. of Exam.01939261238
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMrs. Shahana AkhterAsst. Cont. of Exam.01813578895
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMr. Abul KashamAssistant Registrar (PROF READING)
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMr. Mohammad Saiful Islam TalukderAsst. Cont. of Exam.01819989893
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMr. Ahmed Shahnoor ImranAsst. Cont. of
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMohammad Abu Jafar IqbalAsst. Cont. of Exam.01817766757
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMr. Md. Emdad HossenSection
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMr. Md. Mohsen Ali ChowdhurySection
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMr. Roni PalSection
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMr. Ahmed UllahDeputy Registrar01822869128
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMr. Mohammad RezaunnabiSection Officer
109-CONT. OF EXAMINATIONMd. Mahafuzur RahmmanSection Officer
110-SECURITY OFFICEMr. Md. Bazal HaqueDy. Cont. of Exam.01817751617
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMr. Dil Ruksana BasuniaDeputy
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMrs. Shahin AkterDeputy
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMr. Mohammad Saifur RahmanDeputy
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMohammad Abul KashemDeputy Registrar01988304249
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMd. Kamal UddinDeputy
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMrs. Rupana DuttaDeputy
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMr. S. M. NomanAssistant
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMohammad Ahsanul Alam ChowdhuryAssistant
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMr. S.M. Akter Hossain ChowdhuryAssistant Registrar01818605265
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMr. Ali AsgarAssistant
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMr. Gazi Mohammad NooruddinAssistant Registrar01830001877
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMohammad AliAssistant Registrar (Seminar Library)01820025869
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMr. Syed Nzarul IslamAssistant Registrar01814107053
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMohammad Abu TayebAss.
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMrs. Jesmin AkhterSection Officer
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMrs. Mosammet Hamida YasminSection Officer
201-LIBRARY OFFICEMr. Mohammad Abu SadatSection Officer (CATALOGING)
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. Mohammad Abu TayubChief Medical Officer01715705147
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. Mohammad ShoebSenior Medical Officer01819625194
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. Munira Rahman ArinaLady Medical Officer01833235355
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. farhana YesminLady Medical
202-MEDICAL CENTREMr. md. Harunor RashidDeputy Registrar
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. Salama BegumSenior Medical Officer01817708343
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. Khondakar Mohammad Ataul GaniSenior Medical Officer01713481715
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. Md. Tipu SultanSenior Medical Officer01711473647
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. Kamrunesa BegumLady Medical Officer01815809800
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. Mostafa Kamal HossenSenior Medical Officer01816234397
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. Suvasis ChowdhurySenior Medical Officer01711362182
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. Irin PerveenLady Medical Officer01819629293
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. Mohammad Saiful MostafaMedical Officer01670564593
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. Sayda Akhter ShahnazLady Medical Officer01813190608
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. Shantanu MohajanMedical Officer01716562798
202-MEDICAL CENTREDr. Nigar SultanaLady Medical Officer01819534316
202-MEDICAL CENTREMr. Md. FaizullahDeputy Registrar01819917048
202-MEDICAL CENTREMr. A.K.M. Nurul AbserDeputy Registrar01726230079
202-MEDICAL CENTREMr. Shahnaj TanvirAssistant Registrar01717421077
202-MEDICAL CENTREMr. Julhas Uddin MeahAssistant Registrar (Medical Tech.-Lab)01716403809
202-MEDICAL CENTREMr. Muhammad AyubSection Officer01819394559
202-MEDICAL CENTREMr. Md. Moslem UddinSection Officer01819394559
202-MEDICAL CENTREMr. Md. Habibur RahmanSection Officer01717421141
202-MEDICAL CENTREMr. S.M. FirozSection Officer (Senior COMPO. G-1)01815197605
203-Transport OfficeMr. Md. Abu Taher ChowdhuryDy. Cont. of
203-Transport OfficeMohammed Nurul AbserSection Officer01835100711
204-C.U. PRESSMd. Mozammel HoqueDeputy
204-C.U. PRESSMrs. Zohora BegumAssistant Registrar01677334930
204-C.U. PRESSMr. Morshedul
204-C.U. PRESSMr. Md. Jafrul Alam ChowdhuryDeputy
204-C.U. PRESSMohammed Morshed AlamAssistant Registrar (Computer)
205-Physical EducationMr. Anisul AlamDeputy Director01912120266
205-Physical EducationMohammad Moazzem HossainDirector (Incharge)01718465446
205-Physical EducationMd. Habibur Rahman JalalDeputy Director01819614662
205-Physical EducationMr. Siraj Uddin Mohammad AlamgirDeputy Director01713101411
205-Physical EducationMd. Rashed- Bin- Amin ChowdhuryDeputy Director01911749232
205-Physical EducationMr. Mohammed ShoyebDeputy Director01716384439
205-Physical EducationMd. Khalidur Rahman BhuiyanAssistant Registrar01711188298
205-Physical EducationMr. Jalal AhmedAssistant Registrar01813344588
206-B.N.C.C.Mr. Mohammad Shah AlamDy. Comp. of Accounts
206-B.N.C.C.Mr. Bidhan RoySection Officer
208-CENTRAL MOSQUEMr. H.A.D. Md. MamunKhatib01819066482
209-CU MUSEUMMr. Ziauddin Md. Tayeb Hossain ChowdhuryDISPLAY
209-CU MUSEUMMr. Abdus SukurSection
209-CU MUSEUMMrs. Irin PervinSenior Registration Officer
211-CUCSU CENTREMr. Md. Joynal AbedinSection Officer
211-CUCSU CENTREMr. Zaker AhmedDeputy Registrar
212-RESEARCH DIRECTION & PUBLICATION OFFICEMr. Mohammad SalimAssistant Registrar
214-I.C.T. CELLMr. Md. ForkanSenior INSTRUCTOR (Deputy Registrar)
214-I.C.T. CELLMr. S.M. Ahsanul Karim ShimulSenior COMPUTER
214-I.C.T. CELLMd. Redwan SamirASST. HARDWARE
214-I.C.T. CELLMd. SalauddinSection Officer01819631593
215-STUDENT GUIDANCE & ADVICE CENTREMrs. Dolon Chapa SenSection Officer
301-Dean of ArtsMr. Muhammad AyubDeputy Registrar01819357143
301-Dean of ArtsMr. Md. Syeful AbedinAssistant
302-Dept. of BengaliMr. Gopal Krishna RudraDeputy Registrar01817258693
302-Dept. of BengaliMr. Mohammed AbserAssistant
303-Dept. of EnglishMr. Mohammed YusufSection
305-Dept. of PhilosophyMr. Md. Shohel Ahmed KhanSection
306-Dept. of Islamic History and CultureMr. Mohammad Ismail JabullahSection Officer01924410815
311-Institute of Fine ArtsMr. Abu Nor Md. Abdus ShakurAsst. Cont. of Exam.01819085075
313-Dept. of PaliMrs. Shikha BaruaDeputy Registrar (Seminar Library)01812092628
313-Dept. of PaliMr. Ashek Ahmed KhanAssistant Registrar01816903753
318- Nazrul Research CenterMrs. Amena KhatunSection Officer01812810283
331-Dean of ScienceMr. Pankaj BaruaDeputy Registrar(Computer)
331-Dean of ScienceMr. Milon Kanti RudraSection Officer
331-Dean of ScienceMr. Tahmina AkterSection Officer
331-Dean of ScienceMr. Md. Abul KhairSection Officer01725462996
332-Dept. of PhysicsMr. Jahangir AlamSenior Instrument
332-Dept. of PhysicsMr. Md. Abdul MonafAssistant Registrar01830031721
332-Dept. of PhysicsMr. Sanjoy SahaSection Officer(STORE)01819742454
332-Dept. of PhysicsMr. Debajit
332-Dept. of PhysicsMr. Md. YounusSection Officer01818952494
332-Dept. of PhysicsMr. Md. Shahidul AlamDeputy Registrar01783406634
332-Dept. of PhysicsMr. Kazi Md. Tazul IslamSection Officer01813269738
333-Dept. of ChemistryMohammed Shahid UllahAssistant
333-Dept. of ChemistryMr. Mahamudul Huq SikderSection Officer01745608811
333-Dept. of ChemistryMr. Kabir HossanSection Officer01717747213
333-Dept. of ChemistryMr. Sabuj Kumar ShilSection
333-Dept. of ChemistryMr. Mohammad Shahedul Alam ChowdhurySection
333-Dept. of ChemistryMd. Abul Kalam AzadAssistant Registrar01883656381
333-Dept. of ChemistryMr. Mojjammel HoqueAssistant Registrar(Store)
333-Dept. of ChemistryMohammad Nazrul IslamAssistant Registrar(COMPO. G-1)
333-Dept. of ChemistryMr. Mohammed Mamun UddinSection
334-Dept. of MathematicsMr. Md. Mozaharul IslamAssistant Registrar01816068906
334-Dept. of MathematicsMr. Monzur AhmedAssistant Registrar01718134415
335-Dept. of StatisticsMr. Parvin AkaterAssistant Registrar (Computer)
337-Inst. of Forestry and Environmental ScienceMr. Mohammed Badiul AlamDeputy
337-Inst. of Forestry and Environmental ScienceMr. Taslima SultanaDeputy Registrar (Demo.)
337-Inst. of Forestry and Environmental ScienceMr. Jinnath SultanaDeputy Registrar (Demo.)
337-Inst. of Forestry and Environmental ScienceMr. Md. Sayed AhmedAssistant Registrar(Seminar Library)01814267898
337-Inst. of Forestry and Environmental ScienceMr. Mohammad Amanul GaniAssistant
337-Inst. of Forestry and Environmental ScienceMr. Md. Shaiful IslamSection
337-Inst. of Forestry and Environmental ScienceMr. Abul Hasan Mohammad NaiemullahIMAM01861635093
337-Inst. of Forestry and Environmental ScienceMr. Md. Bodiul AlamFIELD OFFICER01615650386
337-Inst. of Forestry and Environmental ScienceMr. Rupon
338-Ins. of Jamal Nazrul Islam RCMPSMr. Nasir Uddin ChowdhuryDeputy Registrar01817205202
338-Ins. of Jamal Nazrul Islam RCMPSMr. Sharif Mahamod SiddiqueDeputy Registrar (Seminar Library)
338-Ins. of Jamal Nazrul Islam RCMPSMr. Abu Musa BokulAssistant
361-DEAN COMMERCE OFFICEMrs. Dalia ChowdhuryAssistant
361-DEAN COMMERCE OFFICEMr. Mohammed Sakawat HossainSection
361-DEAN COMMERCE OFFICEMr. Manirual IslamDeputy
361-DEAN COMMERCE OFFICEMr. Md. Matiur RahmanDeputy Registrar01749978348
362-Dept. of AccountingMr. Md. Abul HossainSection Officer01711739318
363-Dept. of ManagementMr. Janerdan BhattacharjeeDeputy Registrar01819908965
363-Dept. of ManagementMr. Md. Kutub UddinSection Officer (SEMINER LIBRARY)01922587103
364-Dept. of FinanceMr. Md. IdrisDeputy Registrar01817750265
364-Dept. of FinanceMr. Abdur RahimAssistant
365-Dept. of MarketingMr. Mohammad YusupAssistant Registrar01862026294
365-Dept. of MarketingMr. Md. Mahabub AlamAssistant Registrar01817247586
365-Dept. of MarketingMr. Subrata Kumar RudraAssistant Registrar01820145472
366-Dept. of Human Resource ManagementMd. Mamunor RasidSection Officer01680950873
368-BUREU OF BUSINESS REC.Mr. Arman Uddin AhamedSection
401-DEAN SOCIAL SCIENCEMr. Sheikh Mohammed FourkanDeputy
401-DEAN SOCIAL SCIENCEMr. Mohammad Shahjahan KhanDeputy Registrar(Computer)
401-DEAN SOCIAL SCIENCEMr. Mohammed Delwar HossanAssistant Registrar (Photocopy)
401-DEAN SOCIAL SCIENCEMr. Mohammad Hasan ImamSection
402-Dept. of EconomicsMr. Md. Azam ChowdhuryAssistant
403-Dept. of Political ScienceMr. Mohammad Zahed HossainDeputy Registrar01819524653
403-Dept. of Political ScienceMr. I. Md. Reshadul KarimDeputy Registrar01815639380
403-Dept. of Political ScienceMr. Md. Jamal UddinDeputy
404-Dept. of SociologyMr. Mohammed Nasir UddinAssistant Registrar01817716966
404-Dept. of SociologyMrs. Kanak Chanpa ChowdhurySection
404-Dept. of SociologyMr. Sayed Moslem UddinSection Officer01818791167
405-Dept. of Public AdministrationMr. Md. Nurul HudaDeputy
406-Dept. of AnthropologyMr. Md. Yahia Al-ZahedSection Officer01783755470
406-Dept. of AnthropologyMrs. Hasina NurSection Officer (Metron)01711304553
431-DEAN OF LAWMr. Ataur RahmanSection
431-DEAN OF LAWMr. Md. Salim Ullah MridhaAssistant Registrar(Seminar Library)01915175227
451-DEAN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCEMr. Mohammad Moshebur RahmanAssistant Registrar01818136579
451-DEAN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCEMohammad Mustakim Zulfikar AlamSenior SYNTIFIC
451-DEAN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCEMr. Md. MohiuddinSection
451-DEAN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCEMr. Md. Abdur RahimSection Officer01620751100
452-Dept. of ZoologyMr. Chiranjib ChowdhurySection Officer01815330099
453-Dept. of BotanyMr. Bikashmoy BhattacharjeeDeputy Registrar01824987804
453-Dept. of BotanyMr. Md. Nurul AlamDeputy Registrar01731496917
453-Dept. of BotanyMr.Md. Jashim UddinDeputy Registrar01819369752
453-Dept. of BotanyMr. Md. Shahidul IslamDeputy Registrar (Seminar Library)01733990474
453-Dept. of BotanyMr. Md. Showkat Al BhuiyanAssistant Registrar01817023326
453-Dept. of BotanyMr. Subrata Bikash BaruaAssistant Registrar01811614201
453-Dept. of BotanyMr. Md. Mizanur RahmanAssistant Registrar(Uddan)01715706852
453-Dept. of BotanyMr. Md. Iqbal Hossain ChowdhurySection Officer01828366837
453-Dept. of BotanyMd. Owahidul AlamASST. FIELD
454-Dept. of Geography and Environmental ScienceMr. Salma AkhterAssistant Registrar(Seminar Library)01818910869
454-Dept. of Geography and Environmental ScienceMr. Muhammad RubelSection Officer01818073275
455-Dept. Of Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyMr. Dipak Kumar DattaAssistant Registrar(Store)01735545547
456-Dept. of Micro BiologyMr. Nargis AkterSection Officer (SEMINER LIBRARY)
456-Dept. of Micro BiologyMr. Mohammad Mijanur Rahman FarukSection Officer(STORE)
457-Dept. of Soil ScienceMr. Chandra nath RudraDeputy Registrar01819141471
457-Dept. of Soil ScienceMr. Rafiqur RahmanAssistant Registrar01912789479
458-Dept. of Genetic and Bio-TechnologyMohammed Abdur RahimSection Officer (SEMINER LIBRARY)
458-Dept. of Genetic and Bio-TechnologyMr. Md. Abul KashemSection
481-DEAN.OF ENGINEERINGMr. Abul Kashem Md. IbrahimDeputy
482-Dept. of Computer Science and Eng.Mr. Mohammed Didarul AlamAssistant
482-Dept. of Computer Science and Eng.Mr. Md. Abdul MannanAssistant
483-Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Eng.Mr. Samsuddin AhmedAssistant Registrar01813900474
521-DEAN OF MARINE SCIENCE & FISHERIESMr. Abul Kashim Mohammad Mahfuzul HoqueDeputy Registrar
522-Institute of Marine ScienceMr. Md. Fazlur RahmanAssistant Registrar01812023978
522-Institute of Marine ScienceMr. Sajeda AkhterAssistant
522-Institute of Marine ScienceMr. Kazi Faridul AlamSection Officer01831751616
524-Dept. Of FisheriesMr. Md. Harun RashaidAssistant
901-ALAOL HALLMr. Md. HasanuzzamanSenior PESH
903-SHAH JALAL HALLMr. Mohammad Nurul AzamKhatib01816903750
904-SHAH AMANATMr. Md. Jafar IqbalAssistant Registrar01835702600
904-SHAH AMANATMr. Kamrul Alam RashedAssistant Registrar01816373512
904-SHAH AMANATMr. Md. Imtiaz AlamSection Officer01817724631
905-SHOWARDHY HALLMr. Md. Monir AhmedAssistant
906-SHAHID A. RAB HALLMr. S.M. Nazim UddinDeputy Registrar01819109663
906-SHAHID A. RAB HALLMr. Kazi Mohammed HarunDeputy
906-SHAHID A. RAB HALLMr. Mir Md. Mosleh UddinSenior PESH
907-SHAMSUN NAHAR HALLSree Uzzal SealAssistant Registrar01823823732
908-PRITILATA HALLMr.Akhtare jahanAssistant
908-PRITILATA HALLMrs. Urmila SenAssistant
908-PRITILATA HALLMrs. Monira BegumSection Officer01746187319
912-JANANATRE SHEAK HASINA HALLMrs. Zaheda Amin Chy.Section
Dept. of Micro BiologyMOHAMMAD MOSLEH UDDINSection
Dept. of ZoologyABU HENA MD. MOSTOFA KAMALSection
Engineering OfficeJahedul IslamAssistant Instrument
Office of the Comptroller of AccountsMd.Ali ahsanSenior