Prof. Benu Kumar Dey

Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic)
Professor (Retired)
Department of Chemistry
University of Chittagong

Degree SubjectBoard/InstituteCountryPassing Year
M. Sc. (By Research)ChemistryUniversity of Adelaide, Australia.Australia1995
M. Sc. (Thesis Group)ChemistryUniversity of ChittagongBangladesh1981
B. Sc. (Hons.)ChemistryUniversity of ChittagongBangladesh1980

Position held Name of OrganizationPeriod of Service
LecturerUniversity of Chittagong29-8-84 to 25-6-88
Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Chittagong26-6-88 to 10-6-95
Associate ProfessorUniversity of Chittagong11-6-95 to 12-10-2000
ProfessorUniversity of Chittagong13-10-2000 till now

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Research experiences:
(i) 1982 - 1983

As part requirement of M. Sc. degree at the University of Chittagong, research works were carried out and a dissertation was submitted entitled “Studies  on the formation constants of some metal chelates with meso-2,3-diaminobutane in aqueous medium” from which a paper was published.

(ii) 1984-1988

Carried out research works as a co-supervisor with post-graduate students at the University of Chittagong from 29-8-84 to 11-2-89 from which four research papers  were published.

(iii) 1987

Carried out water analysis as a part time Analytical Chemist for two months at Halda River Water Refining Centre, Mohara, from where domestic water is supplied in Chittagong Municipality Area.

(iv) 1989-1991

Research works were carried out at the University of Adelaide  and a thesis was submitted for an M. Sc. degree entitled “A study on metal ion complexation with a macrocyclic ligand (A thermodynamic, kinetic and mechanistic investigation)” from which a paper was published.

(v) 1992-till now

Supervising research students at post-graduate level at the University of Chittagong as a supervisor  and     co-supervisor  from 1992 to till now.

Research interest

(i) Broad field - Inorganic, Bio-Inorganic, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry.

(ii) Field of specialization-

(a) Synthesis and characterization of polydentate and macrocyclic ligands and   their metal complexes.

(b) Microbial investigation on the toxicity of the free ligands, metal salts and their metal complexes.

(c) Thermodynamic, kinetic and mechanistic studies on metal complexes to find the means for the analyses of toxic metals which are hazardous to biological system and cause environmental pollution.

(d) Investigation of soil and water pollution caused by Industrial Effluent.

(i)       Senate Member, Chittagong University.

(ii)      Co-Chairman, Medical Centre, Chittagong University.

(iii)     Member of ‘Research Project Evaluation Committee’, Faculty of Science,  Chittagong University.

(iv)     President, Chittagong University Teachers’ Association (CUTA), 2014-2015.

(v)      Vice- President, The Federation of Bangladesh University Teachers’Association (FBUTA), 2014-2015,

(vi)     Vice-President, Chittagong University Teachers’ Association (CUTA), 2001-2002.

(vii)    Member, University Parishad, Nominated by Academic Council,  Chittagong University.

(viii)   Life –Time Member, Bangladesh Association for Advancement of Sciences (BAAS).

(ix)     Life –Time Member, Bangladesh Chemical Society (BCS).

(x)      Vice-President, Bangabandhu  Parishad, Chittagong  Zila Branch.

(xi) )   Life –Time Member,  Prabartak Sangha, Chittagong (An Organization for Orphans).

(xii)    Life-Time member and patron, Mirsarai Association at Chittagong.

(xiii)   Member of Executive Committee, “Peshajibee  Samawnnay  Parisad”, Chittagong.

(xiv)   Life-Time member and patron, Mirsarai Association at Chittagong.

(xv)    Life –Time Member,  Bangladesh College University Teachers  Association(evKwewkm).

(xvi)   President, Shruteeangan, Bangladesh (A cultural organization on Uchanga Sangeet and  Nazrul Sangeet ).

(xvii) Member, Advisory Board, Bangabandhu  Parishad, Mirsarai Up-Zila Branch.

(xviii) Vice-President, “ Shahid Nutun Chandra  Srmiti Sangsad”, Kundeshwari, Raozan, Chittagong.

(xix)   Vice-President, “Khelaghar, Chittagong Metropolitan Branch”, Chittagong.

(xx)    Chairman, Committee for the Management of Chittagong University Central Temple.

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Former Pro-Vice Chancellors

Professor Md. Ali Imdad Khan
Professor Dr. M. Badiul Alam
Professor Dr. Abu Yousuf
Professor Md. Anwarul Azim Arif
Professor Dr. Mohammad Shamsuddin
Professor Dr. Md. Alauddin
Professor Dr. Iftekhar Uddin Chowdhury
Professor Dr. Shireen Akhter

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